Do You Need Professional Air Conditioning Service for a Leaky Unit?

When your air conditioner starts leaking, it might seem like a minor annoyance. If the unit's actual performance isn't affected, do you even need to call in a pro for air conditioning repair—or can you just mop up the water and move on with your day? Professional air conditioning service is the best way to ensure long-term function, which in turn means you'll be able to stay comfortable and safe indoors even when the temperature rises to extremes. In and around Mooresville, Home Pro's Heating & Cooling is your best bet for air conditioning services, including resolving leaks. We're licensed and insured for your protection, and we put quality workmanship first. 

A leaking air conditioner could have several causes. Some condensation is a normal side effect of the dehumidifying process, but a broken condenser pump can lead to puddling or pooling. Similarly, a blocked drain hole can keep water from being able to escape the system as it's intended to do. Improperly installed units can also leak water.

It takes a skilled technician to get to the bottom of your AC system's issues, and Home Pro's Heating & Cooling is staffed with experts. Contact us at (704) 326-2301 to learn more, and to book your appointment! 

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